Luck is hard work--and realizing what is opportunity and what isn't.

--Lucille Ball


Understand the Pain
You can't solve a problem you don't understand. Then test.
Identify Customers
Empathize with people who feel the pain. Beyond demographics--understand the usage situation.Then test.
General and In-Depth Feedback
Surveys, shadowing, interviews, focus groups and testing.
Creative Solutions
Creativity does best in crazy, positive and flexible environments.
As Project Manager We Completed:
100 Interviews with potential customers
6 Different Surverys with 800 respondents
3 focus groups (6 Thinking Hats)
Several viable, creative solutions


The Customer
Active young men and women who want to be social and/or play sports when they are free but can't because they don't know where to go.
Ages: 16-37
69% Male, 31% Female
Customer Segments
Social Players who want to meet people and have fun.
Competitive Players who eat, drink and sleep the game.
A mobile app that connects you to the games and people around you.

Turf is on the appstore. Learn more at


Wireframe and Test

The best feedback comes from a prototype people can see, touch and use. I like to start with something that obviously looks quick and dirty so people don't get hung up on the colors. This is for flow and usability.

Design and Test

Once you've nailed the features you can start making the product beautiful. Every product (especially software) should be a pleasure to use. For all the time we spend on the computer it ought to be beautiful.

Quick Build and Test

Build and test is a never ending cycle in development. The trick is to give the appropriate importance to the feedback you get. It's easy to ignore feedback you don't agree with, think is trivial or too obvious to mention.


of the Project
We developed a cross-platform mobile app for iOS and Andriod as well as a launch strategy.
as Project Manager
I managed programmers, designers and marketers to work together on a shared vision.
of the Process
Because of the testing we did we understood the market and our place in it. The Marketing and production dramatically changed because of what we worked on
of the App
Downloads. Dates. Real Connection.


The First Mobile Liquid Chromatograph

define minimal viable product
If your product is exciting and useful then your customers will be happy to buy something that is short of perfect. Build the minimal set of features needed to get your product into the hands of customers.
code with a stellar team
The best teams are humble, intelligent, excited and hard working. Next on the list is experienced.
work with customers
It's best if you can get the product working with just one customer. Once you can get it working for one customer then you can move on to the next one and then the next and the world. We worked with customers like Pfizer, NASA and NuSkin.
test test test
Test your code, test the code against the master branch, test it on the master branch, then have other people test your code. At Axcend I worked myself out of a coding job. For the next few months I tested and preformed analysis on the hardware and software then moved into Managing Customer Success.


of the tests
Worked with Ph.D chemists to code the interface for the first mobile liquid chromatograph. We found bugs in a variety of senarios we never would have thought to test without a customer.
of the MVP
Worked in CSS and JS and with the hardware for front-end deployment. The inherent benefits of our product outweighed any feature that "would have been nice."
of the Project
Easy to use, even for people without a chromatography background. Once we finished the MVP we started selling to companies like Pfizer, ADVI, NASA and more.