If you can't dazzle them with brillance, baffle them with bull.

--W.C. Fields



Masters of Business Administration

Utah Valley University, 2017

Management; Ideation and Creativity

  • Ran the first Social Innovation Competition
  • Mentored Students in Business Development

Bachelor of Arts

Brigham Young University, 2015

Spanish and Iberian Studies; Business

  • Mobile App Competition Finalist (twice)
  • Student Advisory Council


Spanish Advanced Mastery

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Cultural and Accountability Transition Process

Partners in Leadership

"I had Andrew in my MBA 6500 course. Andrew is extremely creative and results oriented. I fully believe that this combination of strengths is a powerful one, two punch when it comes to solving problems and getting things done, fueling Andrew's talent and success. He works very well with a team, always has a great attitude and is constantly looking for the opportunity that presents itself in solving problems and overcoming challenges...I fully recommend him and would be happy to talk anytime about my endorsement of Andrew!"


UI/UX Design
Balsamiq | Root Cause Analysis | Human Centered Design
HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap 4 | JavaScript
Adobe Premiere | FinalCut Pro | Producing | Script Writing
Critical Path | Accountability | Results Focused Leadership


Axcend Corp. HPLC

UX & Front-End Programmer

  • Coded and improved the interface for the first mobile Liquid Chromatograph
  • Analysed test results for bug detection in the software and hardware
  • Perfected a market distruptive technogoly used by international companies and governments
  • NASA is sending my code to space :)


Project Manager

  • Organized, produced and delivered end to end film projects
  • Negociated scope, end result and price with corporate, academic and private clients
  • Managed stake holders to produce film on time and on budget

"I have a lot of admiration and respect for Andrew Stevens. He is a tireless worker and always met my deadlines for projects. Most importantly, Andrew grasps new concepts quickly and has the ability to work independently and effectively."

"In my experience, few leaders have a sufficiently solid grasp of both the technical and the human side of technology that is essential to so many modern businesses. Andrew used both sets of skills...I especially appreciate his ability to follow-up in a way that always leaves me feeling encouraged and motivated."

Pitch Social LLC

Project Manager

  • Oversaw the developement of 2 mobile apps from idea to launch
  • Recruited and collaborated with influencers to create successful marketing campaigns
  • Successfully managed cross departmental teams to design, build and launch 2 software products

WriteExpress Corp

Project Manager -- Spanish Content

  • Researched expansion into Spanish speaking markets
  • Designed a website to target Spanish speakers in Latin America and the U.S.
  • Directed the translation of 4k letters over 6 teams of in house translators


UI/UX Front-End Programmer

  • Designed, tested and validated a multi-tenant system for Universities and Think Tanks
  • Worked with clients to validate mockups and validate pain points
  • Implemented designs in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Material Design and AngularJS

"Working for Andrew was an absolute pleasure...He always made our work feel valuable and never made us feel inferior in his correction or suggestions...He would be a fantastic addition to any company that wants a committed, hard working, team player who wants the best in whatever he does"

E-Marketing TA | Research Assistant | Video Editor

Brigham Young University

  • Mentored students in entrepreneurial marketing principles
  • Research and analysed data on strategic brick and mortar locations for Walgreens
  • Proposed and cut a film series for the religious department


that make me


I can quickly spot relevant patterns and issues to find optimal ways forward.
I easily make connections to produce better results for products and systems.
Proven leadership capabilites to mold productive cultures and make real progress
The future motivates me to work towards better conditions in the next weeks, months and years.