software portfolio

  • Pitch
    Project Manager
    • Managed cross department teams
    • UI Design and Testing
    • Ran the Beta testing
    • Finished app on iOS & Andriod

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  • Turf
    Project Manager
    • Produced cross-platform app in 6 months
    • Elegant and motivating designs
    • Assembled and managed software and design team

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  • WriteExpress
    Project Manager
    • Managed several translation teams
    • Reviewed and approved business letter translations
    • Produced Spanish version of WriteExpress product

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  • Axcend
    Front End Developer
    • CSS, JavaScript
    • Hardware & software data testing analyst
    • Prepared and delivered sales demos to large companies

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  • cartas de amor
    Project Manager
    • Produced Spanish facing site
    • Managed several translation teams
    • Reviewed love letter translations (non-localized)

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    UI/UX & Developer
    • UI design validated by Universities
    • CSS and JS development for a multi-hosted platform
    • Project management in a startup evironment

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video portfolio

  • Producer
    • Defined scope and deliverables with client
    • Organized interviews, equipment and film locations
    • Produced a high quality video for an NGO

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  • Project Manager
    • Managed an international film crew
    • Solved project changing problems on-site in Cuba
    • One of the first American made videos in Cuba

  • Project Manager
    • Wrote a "sticky" marketing script
    • Coordinated with stakeholders and film crew
    • Produced and edited commercial with 10k+ views

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  • Project Manager
    • Managed stakeholders for launch of Financial School
    • Organized interviews, equipment, locations and content
    • Produced a video to assure investors and attract students

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  • Project Manager
    • Worked with Tech Transfer office to produce invention series
    • Simplify complicated scientific inventions in concise videos
    • Multi-million investments resulted in this video series

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  • UI/UX & Developer
    • Coordinated with students in Honduras and NGO in Ohio
    • Developed an "Run a Business" lesson plan
    • Produced video series in Spanish for Honduran students

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brands i've worked with

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.

--Andrew Carnegie